Why You must Let Go of the Past and Keep Focus on Future

So how to Let go of the Past… This is an interesting topic because well all of us have something in the past. Every one of us has something in the past that haunts us, right? Something in the past that disturbs our performance, something in the past we keep going back to, something traumatic, something that made us afraid, something that really hurt us, something that really made us limited into our shell. That thing is just robbing us of energy, that thing is something we deeply thinking over. We keep worrying about it whether it’s going to repeat again. Robbing us from happiness and it’s also robbing us of performance because we are always worried about it. Always anxious about it and fearful about it and which man wants this?

To such extent, how do we actually go about letting go about this stuff so that it’s never a problem? Firstly, it’s very possible to let go of the past. It’s not┬árelevant how bad your past is. If you have some serious trauma in your past whether it was like something serious as a death in the family, the breakup of a marriage, the loss of someone you loved, the loss of a business you have started. Whatever it is abuse that you had as a kid growing up, health problems, illness, near-death experiences car accidents. I don’t care what it is you can let it all go if you want to, you can so this is a fact of human psychology. You can work on it to let it go.

Why You Should Let It Go?


The past is only holding you back. A negative experience from the past is not doing anything positive for you at the moment. Actually, one of the reasons that you are holding onto it and still thinking about it because you think that if you do let it go that somehow your life will worsen.

Indeed, you got to understand what the past is, right? The past you think it’s so real. You think its so realistic that breakup you had it’s just horrible that time you had a near-death experience. Yes, it can feel really painful. And yes, it can be hard to like all that stuff. But also it can be very easy to let go of it. Don’t make it harder to yourself than it should be.

The past is a concept. It’s a conceptualization. It’s actually not real. It was real at some point but it’s not real anymore. Undoubtedly, the future by the is not real as well. The future is also a concept. The only thing that’s real is the ‘right now‘, this ‘second‘. That’s actually reality. Everything else is a thought inside your head which is called the conceptualization. The problem you think is going to happen tomorrow at work that’s not real, that’s a conceptualization.

Now you must be wondering how to get rid of this. I’m actually going to show you some useful distractions.

The way out of Past


If the problem you are trying to get rid of is a bad relationship or a divorced, then come up with a new goal. Come up with a new vision of how you are going to get a new marriage or how are you going to build a new relationship.

If the thing you want to forget is about some abuse you faced in recent memory then you must think about the new vision for yourself. How are you growing yourself, how you are going to build personal development and use self-help? How are you going to get yourself to a totally pro level, to transform yourself?

When you have a new assignment you are working on. When you have something to look forward to. You are going to find that you don’t have much time to worry about the past.

Get yourself busy at certain things in your daily routine. Don’t think about the past too much. That is the way you need to design your life to be like, so you don’t have time to just sit and puzzle your mind about all that useless past garbage.

Never think about the past it brings tears. Don’t think about the future it brings fear. Live this moment with a smile it brings cheers.


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