Top 5 World War Movies of All Time | WW1 | WW2

Undoubtedly, war based movie recreate some of the most remarkable events in world history. It focuses on various perspectives and intentions of bloodthirsty history. World war movies are as old as the invention of cinema itself. In particular, the leading world war movies tend to be the one which deals with the serious affairs of humanity. For the most part, war movies mostly based on World War I and World War II. Despite the chaos of cold war and civil wars, the focal point of filmmakers mainly remains with the two World wars. With this in mind, dailyinfinite offers the top 5 world war movies of all time:

5- Saving Private Ryan


A masterpiece work by Steven Spielberg – one of the most influential directors of the new Hollywood era. The film stars Tom Hanks whose mission was to find and save private James Ryan with the assistance of his battalion. Altogether, the regiment has to deal with the brutal realities of war.

4- The Pianist


The film centers the struggle, scuffle, and tussle of a concert pianist with a thriving career in Warsaw, Poland in 1939.

3- Dunkirk


In 1940, during the combat between France and Germany, the forces of Britain, Belgium, and France were slowly shifting from the beaches of Dunkirk with the help of air and ground forces. Consequently, up to 3 lac soldiers were safely evacuated in this lion-hearted mission.

2- Downfall


The film features the last few days of Adolf Hitler. To illustrate, the film displays the chaos of Adolf Hitler’s empire in its last days.

1- Hacksaw Ridge


What would you first imagine when listening to the word of war? Obviously, arms, gunshots, men’s keep unknowingly killing each other. Conversely, the world also seems one man in history who neither kill anyone nor shot any bullet during a war. This world war movie is based on a true story.


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