Top 5 Most iconic Desi food Points in Lahore

1. Arif Chatkhara House Food Street Texali Gate

Arif chatkhara is one of the most famous Desi food place in Lahore. Special Item of Arif chatkhara is Tawa Piece if you are live in Lahore please try this or you visit Lahore you add this place in Top of the list here u visit. if you like spicy food this is the best place for you.

2. Ilyas Dumba Karahi Truk Adda Sabzi Mandi

Ilyas dumba karahi is one the best place for those who love motton/dumba karahi if you visit this place please don’t use you own car infect you stuck in rush use careem or uber and go there the taste was 10/10 price is Appropriate kilo in 1500Rs and You will have to wait for minimum 2 HRs but ones you taste karahi you forget anything. ones you try you come back again with other foodies.

3. Waris Nihari Anarkali

If you eat Shahi breakfast nihari is a best desi mughal food for you and waris nihari is an iconic nihari for you but you eat this wake-up early morning otherwise you miss this. Try Nihari with Shirmal OR Taftan it will make taste more incredible this is too good nihari try this on my behalf.

4. Taj Mahal Sweet Near texali Gate

If you love to eat halwa puri in breakfast try TAL MAHAL sweet near texali gate the taste of halwa puri was Awesome and KEEMA Kachori is best all item making with desi ghee. when you try this you will think this is a difference with others.

5. Jamal Dahi Bhalay Near Faisal Town

if you want real dahi bhaly in Lahore try Jamal Dahi bhaly taste was very well bhaly was very delicious. Sitting plan not so good but the taste is Awlaaaa.

This is only my thinking if you think different suggest me…………….


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