Take a Special Break: My story of quitting Social Media

Most people come upon news of people committing suicide, either thanks to depression or thanks to being bully and undecided online. I usually assume that one shouldn’t give ear to random comments they receive online by people sitting miles away behind a screen. However, the impact of people’s negativity on your mental state cannot be denied any further.

People use social media without showing responsibility. Individuals lease their ‘dark side’ out and hurt others unconsciously. Also, because of this social media addiction, we give our peace of mind on the opinion of others.

“The best cure for body is a quiet mind”.         ‘Napolean bonaparte’

According to recent analysis concerning psychological state, effects of social media use on our psychological state is resembling dependence. Each ‘like‘ we get and each ‘comment‘ we receive is sort of fake happiness. To expertise that feeling once more, we log-in again to check the number of ‘likes‘. We desire to online again and again to feel happy another time. We have a tendency to get ‘high’ on others’ appraisals.

Social media could be a highlight reel of our 24 hours. It solely shows the intense and accomplished side of our life. The blood-curdling and spine-chilling thing are that we have a habit to compare our standard of living with other people’s lives. It comes as no surprise that it becomes a source of depression, inflicting our mental state to get worse.

The Reason for Quitting?

One day I realized that I had unconsciously checked my phone thirty times when looking a one-hour episode. I used to be obsessively using social media in each second of my free time. For knowledgeable, free time ought to be all concerning mental and physical relaxation. On the other hand, on behalf of me, that wasn’t the case.


Every day after I aroused from sleep, the primary thing I used to do was to check my phone. Whenever I used to be looking some programming tutorial on YouTube, I used to be willy-nilly checking my Facebook each minute. My focus had become as unhealthy as that of a toddler. I used to be acting like a facebook freak. On account of these happenings, the symptoms indicate the warning state of the mental health.

Hence, I made a decision to require an occasion from all the social media platforms for a few weeks. So as to watch its effects on my psychological state and see whether or not I might truly get well by taking an occasion.

What did I do in Free time?


After deactivating several social media accounts, I had the time and selection to mentally and physically improve myself by doing the items I really like. As far as I am concerned, such activities are the following:

  1. Regular Exercise.
  2. Traveling to desired locations.
  3. Reading your favorite books.
  4. Write something gaining knowledge.
  5. Play best-loved sports.

What does it change?


Leaving social media turned me into a proactive person. I started outlay my time after leaving the office. Before that, most of my time after 5 pm was to scrolling from one social media platform to a different.

As I felt extraordinary active, I confronted my habit of delaying tactics that successfully created me productive. Feeling motivated and productive helped me specialize in my goals. I educated myself during this period over I had within the last 2 months.

Apart from this, excessive use of social media created a social gap. Quitting social media benefits me with a lot of social interaction with a variety of peoples’.

Suggestions? What should we do?

When we talk about the internet, we want to own the sense to use it effectively and responsibly. Our words can hurt a person sitting behind a screen. Social media mustn’t be accustomed bring down different people; it ought to be accustomed increase our productivity, coordination, and communication.

Moreover, we’d like to figure out ourselves and notice our price through our own eyes. Our happiness mustn’t be joined to what number ‘likes’ we get on Instagram or what number of comments we receive on Facebook. Our levels of happiness must not rise by seeing the quantity of engagement on our posts; they ought to rise by watching our parents smile or creating recollections with our besties.

Platforms that were created for the aim of accelerating connectivity is now currently disconnecting us from each others sitting beside us. Use these platforms to unfold awareness, use them for communication and use them to share your stories, but…… don’t make them the center of your life.


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