Sham Idrees Finally Responded to Ducky Bhai

Before I start to talk about the recently respond of sham idrees. I really want to let you know the beginning of this recent YouTube controversy. Sham Idrees recently came to Pakistan with a new hashtag #togetherforpakistan. He wants to collab  with those all YouTubers he fought in past. He contacted to Ducky bhai. And tried to make a collab video but ducky bhai just said a clear “NO” to sham idrees. But sham idrees doesn’t like that tried to threaten Duky Bhai and his family. In return ducky bhai made a video and published every single this between them.  And then the all drama begins..

And then approximately all Pakistani Youtubers shared their bad experience about sham idrees

Sham idrees just ruined his trip by just making a little mistake.

ohh How can we forget this legend

He is most innocent guy on planet right now who got F**ked up with no reason.

After a big youtube war. And as you all know Sham Idrees’s wife (Queen Froggy) beaten up in a recent meet and greet in Karachi.

After this ducky bhai show’s  sympathy to Queen Froggy

Sham idrees just break the silence and confessed that he got hurt by Ducky’s Squad.And he apologized for everything he did to Pakistani YouTubers.


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