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Why Reddit Restricts Pro-Trump Forum 😲😲

The one of the biggest social media plate form 'Reddit' just restricts access to Pro-Trump Forum ''r/The_Donald''

The birth of US constitution necessary for today’s world

Having won the Revolutionary war and negotiated a good peace settlement, the Americans still required to determine stable governments. Between 1776 and 1789, a lot of efforts took...

Aristotle and Plato Views on Philosophy and Theory of Universals

Aristotle defines philosophy in term of an essence, saying that philosophy is "the science of the universal essence of that which is actual".Nevertheless, Plato...

Why Plato Theory of Justice is useful? Plato Justice

Plato's ideal empire is based upon Justice. According to him, Justice is a fundamental right of every man. Ideas of any man cannot be...

Fazal-ur-Rehman: an Opportunist Politician or a Mullah?

All Parties Conference aka APC was not a new thing in the political arena, but the strange thing is they never got united on...