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dont watch porns

Beware!! Things that can reduce your reward of fasting

1. Bad/Vulgar Languagewe all are used speak bad & vulgar words in...

Why You must Let Go of the Past and Keep Focus on Future

So how to Let go of the Past... This is an interesting topic because well all of us have something in the past. Every...

Convert Negative Thinking to Positive Thinking

Hey guys, today I somehow try to teach you the positive and negative side of thinking through an incident. Suppose there are two passengers waiting...

Take a Special Break: My story of quitting Social Media

Most people come upon news of people committing suicide, either thanks to depression or thanks to being bully and undecided online. I usually assume that one shouldn't give ear to random comments they receive online by people sitting miles away behind a screen....

How can people develop a sense of Self development and Social Interaction

The importance of society in human life cannot be ignored. However, there exists a disagreement between scholars on the nature of society. Whether reality...