Tried the New FaceApp on Famous Pornstars

Disclaimer: The new FaceApp challenge is currently trending on every social media platform. We tried this FaceApp on the Top ranking pornstars...
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Top 10 Billionaires of this Planet According to Forbes

Here we are representing the top 10 richest persons of this planet according to the latest research by Forbes. These billionaires had...
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Why Reddit Restricts Pro-Trump Forum šŸ˜²šŸ˜²

The one of the biggest social media plate form 'Reddit' just restricts access to Pro-Trump Forum ''r/The_Donald''

The birth of US constitution necessary for todayā€™s world

Having won the Revolutionary war and negotiatedĀ a goodĀ peace settlement, the Americans still required to determineĀ stable governments. Between 1776 and 1789,Ā a lot of efforts took...

Take a Special Break: My story of quitting Social Media

MostĀ peopleĀ come uponĀ newsĀ of peopleĀ committing suicide, eitherĀ thanks toĀ depression orĀ thanks toĀ being bully andĀ undecided online. IĀ usually assumeĀ that oneĀ shouldn'tĀ give earĀ to random comments they receiveĀ onlineĀ byĀ peopleĀ sitting miles away behind a screen....