How Thugs of Hindostan is similar to Pirates of the Carribean

Within recent times, Bollywood seems to be a replica of Hollywood. As multiple movies tend to be the copy of many undisclosed films as well as some blockbusters too. Besides, there are several scenes of comedy, action, romance which are being adopted by various Hollywood movies. Similarly, the upcoming big Bollywood movie ‘Thugs of Hindostan‘ seems familiar with megahit Hollywood movie ‘Pirates of the Carribean’.

How both movies are familiar?

Thugs of Hindostan focuses on pirates of the late 18th century. In an effort to seize the continuous progress of East India Company, a fleet of pirates led by Muslim rebel Amitabh Bachan tries to foil the plans of EIC (East India Company). The character of Amitabh Bachan is a mix of Captain Barbossa and Blackbeard.

On the other side, the backbone of the film lies with Bollywood’s Mr.Perfectionist ‘Amir Khan‘. For the most part, Amir Khan (Firangi) plays a role as a mixture of comedian and traitor. He enjoys tricking people and double-dealing with the stakeholders. Does not it sound familiar, no? Undoubtedly, because of the same character and setting entertained by Johny Depp as a prominent fictional character ‘Jack Sparrow‘.

What makes both movies different?


By and large, even the fight scenes are quite similar. But there is one thing which makes it clear that Bollywood is still far behind Hollywood. Pirates of the Caribean has brilliant visual effects, however, Thugs of Hindostan still lacks high visual effects. Despite having an advancement in the field of technology, Bollywood cinema cannot meet with its counterpart Hollywood in cinematic technology.

What should we expect from this movie?


In spite of the hype created after the release of the trailer, there is a mixture of opinion within the fans. Certainly, a large number of the audience have termed it as a copy of Hollywood movie. While another part of an audience, despite having so much criticism, still waiting for the movie excitingly. Whatsoever, if it has drawn an inspiration from Pirates of the Carribean? Up to this time, it still could be a movie of worth watching. Definitely, who would not watch the two heavyweights of Bollywood – Amir Khan and Amitabh Bachan, go face-to-face in a single showdown?

Dailyinfinite predicts the box office of 500 crores to this movie. What you guys are thinking? Drop your comments below.


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