Get rid Out of Depression with Minimal Advice

At this time, a lot of people are depressed nowadays. Certainly, we have record numbers of depressed people and mostly it’s because of the bad psychology that’s happening here. If you feel that you have real, honest clinical depression, then go and see a doctor and get the medication you need for that. Get a diagnosis, but also be careful because a lot of times doctors will like to medicate you when in fact what you’ve got is you’ve got an internal problem rather than an external problem.

That medicine that you’re getting isnot going to solve your mind problem. It will only work for a disease problem.

This is what I want to tell you about depression. Generally, I work really hard on my own personal development, and one of the reasons I do that is because is I’m wise to the problems that would happen if I didn’t do it. Among many reasons, the core purpose of doing my own personal development is because it’s exciting, it’s fun. Even I get a lot of positive stuff from it. On the contrary, another reason why I do this is kind of the flip side, for negative reasons, because I know how awful my life would be if I didn’t do it.

So, here are some frequent tips to deal with depressive life.

Mobilize Yourself

So, you’re mentally weak You feel like hopeless because from where you are now to where you need to go, even to reach a normal level, not even an awesome level in life but an average level, it might feel like you have to work a lot. To illustrate, it might seem like you don’t even see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s so far away.

You need to mobilize to fight. That’s the solution. It’s how you handle an extreme level of depression. It might seem simple but this sometimes feels hard what it takes. Simply the desire to mobilize, you need to fight right now.

You can’t run away from this fight anymore. Even you can’t keep avoiding the emotional labor. And you can’t keep hoping that somehow you can pull your way out of it because it’s too late for that.

Undoubtedly, it’s mobilization time. This is the time to fight. It’s fighting for your life. That’s what it is. Obviously, You need to realize that and you need to accept it.

The problem is that your subconscious doesn’t want to accept it right now. You have no energy left to accept the pain. Unlike, I want to help you to accept it though.

Get Ready For the Coming Pain

After mobilizing yourself. All you need to get yourself ready to endure the pain because there’s pain ahead. but you’ve got to manage it. If I’m not wrong, right now you’re thinking to yourself, “I don’t want to endure this pain. it’s hard to believe that”.

For the most part, you know all the stuff you’ve got to do, but you don’t want to do it. The reason that is because you would rather postpone it to another time, date, week or even for a month. Admit this, the more and more you do that, the deeper and deeper you sink into this depression. That’s a dangerous game you’re playing with yourself. And if you play it for too long you might really get yourself into a very, very deep hole that maybe you won’t even be able to dig yourself out of.

In order to prevent that from happening, all you need to mobilize to deal with this pain, to accept it and to take it on as a challenge. That’s what it’s going to take. Whatever your pain or challenge is right now, think of it in your head, money, relationships, how you feel about yourself… whatever it is.

Surrender Yourself

No need to surrender your life but to surrender yourself, what I’m talking about is surrender to the emotional labor. Indeed, you probably know how much work is ahead. For example, I knew how much work was ahead when I needed to eliminate an element of shyness but I surrendered myself to that.

After doing several steps, what’s nice is that when you accept the challenge when you accept the pain and say, “Oh really! I’m just going to do whatever it takes, I’m gonna do it”. It’s not just words but then you actually go out there and follow it up with actions, you actually realize that you don’t need the end result right now to feel happy. You don’t need to wait a year to way out of depression. You don’t need to wait two years to fix your mental problems.

To my way of thinking, just by starting to mobilize and take that massive action already you’re going to start to feel a lot of relief. Generally speaking, you’re going to start to feel better than you felt in a long, long time because you’ve surrendered to the emotional labor. That’s really what you’re resisting right now. You’re trying your best to way out of it. I know it. I do it too. We all do it.

Do Not Lose Hope

If you keep telling yourself that you’ll do anything it takes, you’re going to find a way. All in all, maybe its going to be a long, tortuous inconvenient way, but you’ll find a way. If you tell yourself that, “I’m going to wait for a good way to reveal itself to me”, by doing this you might be waiting for the rest of your life.

Because of this, mobilization is powerful. As a matter of fact when you’re backed into a corner and your life is at stake, then your body summons hidden inner resources that you didn’t even know. Consequently, you overcoming those obstacles that are going to be one of the most rewarding and powerful experiences of your life.

Now, you’re going to look back on it five, ten, twenty years from now and you’re going to say, “Ahan, that was amazing that I had the strength to mobilize. And when I did and that after mobilizing I stayed with it, I kept with it, I stayed with my word. And I stayed true to the fact that I would do anything and through that, and only through that, I broke out. On the other hand, if I didn’t mobilize then I would have been stuck and maybe even twenty years, thirty years would have passed and I would have still stayed stuck. How miserable that would be? How big of a waste of life that would be?”

To put it in a nutshell, you would definitely regret doing that if you were your future wiser self. As far as I can see, try to take on that wisdom right now, mobilize yourself right now, bite the bullet right now, surrender to the pain right now and you will start to move ahead. So as far as is known, you’re going to feel much better because you’re going to open up a whole world of possibilities for you.


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