Convert Negative Thinking to Positive Thinking

Hey guys, today I somehow try to teach you the positive and negative side of thinking through an incident. Suppose there are two passengers waiting for a bus at bus stop. While waiting for several minutes, the bus driver does not stop at the bus stop. Both passengers could not able to pick a bus. Now both persons react differently in the same situation.

Firstly, a desperate man unconsciously looking at his watch, keep calling the phone calls and continue making negative expressions. IT’S VERY BAD !! OH, NO !!! I’M TOO LATE !! NOTHING IS GOING RIGHT TODAY!Clearly, he is angry and sad over the incident.

Secondly, nevertheless, on the other hand, the other guy having the same trouble looks calm and relax. His thinking is different compared to the other person and it’s even positive thinking. THIS IS NOT MY FAULT !! I CAN GO AND HAVE A DRINK !This man is taking the problem with a smile on his face and does not show any sign of disturbance.

Why is the response different to the same situation?

The reason for this situation is a different mindset. Both individuals adopted with different surroundings. It’s because they have been trained differently. Their brains are programmed not by the same factors. These two persons are the best examples of how behaviors are formed. Most likely, their children will behave copying their parents.

Different Thinking Patterns


Definitely, the one aspect of negative thinking tends to be that if you seek attention from a particular person and he is continuously ignoring you, consequently, you will think that this particular person hates you.

Similarly, if you go to someplace at a party or meeting. There sometimes you are being admired critically or even positively. Undoubtedly, you pick and focus only on minor criticism and forget about any good points regarding your personality. This is also a negative thinking as you only recalled that 1 bad point and forget about 10 good points.

Likewise, when you think of having some kind of ability.  For instance, you cook nicely or you have a talent of becoming a great athlete. But contrary to that you started to underestimate the ability you have. Recognizing something negative in life. Started crying over little things that ANYONE CAN DO THIS !! THAT DOES NOT COUNT !!. On the whole, every person does not do the same as you do.

Develop Positive Thinking


  1. You must have to highlight your good and positive things.
  2. Make your things big and ultra focus.
  3. Even if you focus on little achievements, then positive thinking will be developed automatically.
  4. Do not Compare with other’s achievements and awards. Use your past experience as your teacher.
  5. Remove unrealistic goals and self-blame.


Negative thinking will never make your life positive. The same old thinking will bring the same results tomorrow. Positive thinking will make you do everything better than negative thinking. Overthinking leads to negative thinking so you must avoid it. Change your thoughts and you change your world. Don’t believe everything you think because sometimes it leads to chaos.


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