Conquest of Happiness

Over the millennium human being’s mind has discovered certain activities that can be helpful to boost our mind. The challenge is that most of the people do not get to understand what it really takes to get happiness. Undoubtedly, most of us are chasing the wrong thing throughout our entire life. Resultantly, it becomes a reason for anxiety, depression, and loneliness that can harm human’s mind over the course of time.

So, let us start with several key points that I think you will definitely gonna like.

1. Put an end to Addiction

Any kind of addictions can rob you of any chance of happiness in life. To clarify, it’s like a quick little patch that covers up the unhappiness in your life with a little hit of pleasure, but this is not a sustainable type of happiness. In the end, it leaves you feeling hollow and guilty.

By addictions, I mean things which are clear to see, including drugs, alcohol, and smoking, and other more informal forms of addictions, like television, uncontrollable shopping, gambling, extra gossip, negative thinking, and the internet. These are weird behaviors that you’re doing. They are destroying your life. Be aware, if you have an addiction, then you know that up-and-down guilt cycle and rollercoaster that you’re on. It’s not ultimately adventurous, it’s not pleasant at all.

What you want to do is discover yourself from these additions. To reach to that level, you need to do some work. Firstly, identify what your addictions are. Be honest about them. Then start to manage yourself off of them.

2. Boost Your Relationships

The next exercise is to build relationships. Living souls, even shy humans, are very social creatures and relationships are a very deep and fulfilling source of happiness. those who have rich family connections and rich social connections are happier than those who have not. Similarly, happiness levels in certain countries that you would think should below because they’re poverty-stricken are actually very high because they have a more interconnected society. People are more plugged into each other.

In today’s modern world, we tend to be disconnected. We pretend to have those more shallow Facebook relationships rather than those more personal face-to-face relationships. Therefore, the key here to note is quality rather than quantity.

Altogether, develop a few – maybe five, at most –really deep high-quality relationships. Focus on those and invest time and energy into those who feel happy to find you in their friend circle and avoid those shallow relationships which just tend to make you distracted and don’t really contribute much to your life, in terms of happiness.

3. Sense of Thankfulness

For creating sustainable happiness, one of the best meditation is having a gratitude. The practical way to practice this is to write down 5 to 10 points or recalling about some of the positive incidents that you are grateful for in your life.

It could be something that you’re grateful for that happened to you years ago. Such as your parents or your college education, or something you are grateful for that just happened to you today or the other day. It can either be big things or small things.

Indeed, it’s hard for us to become happy because any external change in your life – like if you find a suitable amount of money tomorrow in your car’s dashboard that just randomly showed up – is going to make you feel thrilled at the moment. Whereas, after a while – a week or a month from that point – you’re not going to really feel that happiness any more because you’ve adapted to that difference.

Human beings are really good at adapting to both positive and negative changes. Psychiatrists have done many studies and research on this with lottery winners to paraplegics. Psychologists have compared happiness levels between people who won millions of dollars and people who have become crippled. Consequently, what they’ve discovered is that about after a year, the happiness level returns to about where it was.

Thus, gratitude is a great way to turn this tide. Because it’s all about thinking of the things that you are appreciative of and being more appreciative of all the good things in your life. Just like Cardgames, happiness is a mind game. You may want to start shifting your focus from all the negative things that you’re thinking about to all the positive things that are in your life.

So, are you grateful for the country that you live in? How do you think about that? Are you grateful for the city that you’re living? And are you grateful for the family in which you born? Are you grateful for the friends you have in every situation? Are you grateful for the fact that you can pay your electricity bills? Or are you grateful for the fact that you have a satisfactory amount of food? Are you grateful for the fact that you have your sincere boyfriend or girlfriend? What are you grateful for? Take a list of those things.

When you actually sit down on a comfortable sofa and start doing this exercise then definitely you are gonna discover some amazing things waiting for you.

4. Take a Break to Overthinking

To be honest, many of us are just always thinking, some of us more than others, but if you have a nature of that kind of person whose mind is always spinning and rotating through that weird things, then you have to watch out for that. From time to time, you’re going to overanalyze situations way too much and get too much in your head so that you’re not connected with your body. You do not feel your present moment. In fact, you’re either going to be worrying about the past or you’re going to be worrying about the future. So far, happiness is all about being in the present. For the most part, you have to calm your mind down and you have to stop overthinking.

There are 110% Chances of that if you’re thinking about something, you’re thinking a lot, you’re not thinking about it in a positive way-you’re thinking about it in a negative way. From my perspective, you’re having these automatic negative thoughts and you’re having these storms of negative thoughts and debates and arguments in your mind which does not make you fulfilled.

It is the need of the hour to cut that out. Generally, effective ways to cut that out are through various techniques from journaling to visualizations to doing therapy to doing meditation. Admittedly, there are many different ways that you can try to stop overthinking.

5. Set Your Life’s Purpose & Goal

Last but not least, the point is going to be goals and life purpose. Dream some goals in your life. Set some big and ambitious goals. When it comes to the human mind, it is a goal-seeking machine. Human minds are designed to seek goals, whether it’s at work, in a relationship, or it’s a big goal that’s going to be completed within the timespan of next year or it’s a little goal that’s going to be accomplished tomorrow. It appears that we are goal-oriented creatures. So, have goals that you’re constantly in developing phase and accomplished it for yourself.

To crown it all, you must have to develop a life purpose. Desire something that is worth considering. Yes, this is probably going to be related to your career. Have a career that you’re really passionate, positive and meaningful about. Ask yourself a question, what is the most meaningful thing in life and then make sure that your career is aligned with that. When you have that in bucket list, you’re going to be very happy very soon.

Wish You a Happy Life from team DailyInfinte


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