Beware!! Things that can reduce your reward of fasting

1. Bad/Vulgar Language

bad language

we all are used speak bad & vulgar words in our normal life. It doesn’t break your fast but it can be very effectual to your reward of fast in a bad way. So avoid and control while you fasting.

2. Chat/Talk to your Bae..

dont talk to gf/bf

Don’t chat with your girl friend/boy friend it doesn’t break your fast but it can leads you to the sin and that can also effect your reward.

3. Betraying Others


Don’t betray others in normal life and specially avoid this while fasting it can heavily damage your reward of fasting. And your fast may be wasted.

4. Don’t watch porns

watching porn

Don’t see that kind of stuff while fasting it can ruin your fast. Even leads you to breaking your fast. This may waste your reward. And you should save your eyes even other smaller things while fasting

5. Don’t Fight


Don’t fight while fasting. People should be save by your hands this is the condition of fast. And this may cause of reducing your reward of fasting.


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