9 Places Must Visit Before You Die

1. Florence, Italy

florence italy
Florence, Italy

Florence is the capital city of Italy. It is one of the most Populated and Popular city in the world. And this is one of the richest city of the world.

2. Lahore, Pakistan

Lahore pakistan
Lahore, Pakistan

Lahore is located in the Punjab province in Pakistan. It is one of the oldest and historic city of Pakistan. One of the reason of popularity of this city is its food. Its food is Popular in the world because of its “DESI” taste. This city has its own culture and history.

3. Walk the Siq to Petra, Jordan

siq to petra jordan
Siq to Petra, Jordan

It is the most beautiful way of 1.2 Kilometer. This way was built by nature no man power or machines were used to made it. The height of walls are 91 to 180 meters of this beautiful street. You can complete this way in just 30 minutes. And these 30 minutes will be most beautiful minutes of your life.

4. LA Tomatina, Spain

la tomatina spain
Paint the Town Red at LA, Tomatina, Spain

This annual festival always held on last Wednesday of august. On this day 130000 kg tomato are imported to the city. And on the festival morning everyone came out to the roads. And the wolds biggest tomato war’s begins,,

5. Hot Air Balloon Over the Savannah, Kenya

savannah, Kenya
wild Life, savannah, Kenya

The beauty of sunset on this national wild life park specially on Hot Air Balloon is unmeasurable. And you can also see the wild animals walking around openly. Its so Expensive. But we should visit once in life.

6. The Great Pyramids Of Ghiza

Pyramids Of Ghiza
Pyramids Of Ghiza

The real history behind making these pyramids is still hidden. And nobody Know this secret “why these pyramids built”. This is one of the Seven Wonders. Millions of blocks are used in these pyramids and the weight of of the one block is more than 25 tons.

7. Blackpool Illumination, England

Illuminations, Lancashire, England
Illuminations, Lancashire, England

This festival celebrated in 1879 is celebrated every year at Resort of Blackpool. This festival based on 66 days. And people comes to this festival from whole world. The charm of this festival is different..

8. Rage Wine War in Rioja, Spain

Rage Wine War in Rioja, Spain
Rage Wine War in Rioja, Spain

Haro wine war is a festival that celebrated every year at Rioja, Spain. This festival celebrated every year in summer with red wine. The festival starts On the morning of 29 june at 9 a.m.

9. Quebec City, Canada

Quebec, Canada
Bed down in Igloo Quebec, Canada

There is single hotel in north america is fully made of snow. The 35000 ton estimated snow used to build this hotel. This hotel have 45 luxury bed rooms but also a water park. The best time to visit this hotel is January.


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