4 Simplest ways to Deal with Anxiety

As this technologically advanced century indulge human race, depression and anxiety have become mainstream topics of discussion around the world. A lot has been said in order to deal with anxiety and how it impacts human’s daily lives. Besides, too little focus is given on how people close to those experiencing anxiety can help them feel better.

The problem became worse by the fact that mental illnesses aren’t always the easiest to spot. They can only be traced via a person’s characteristics and behavior. Needless to say, it might be in their body language. Other times, anxiety might be lasting for a long time within their silence.

Undoubtedly, medication and counseling help of course, especially as far as panic attacks and social anxiety, avoidance behavior is concerned. My own view on the matter is, anxious people need a listening ear. So, here are four ways you can help someone battle to deal with anxiety and develop a healthy coping mechanism.

Be Empathetic

Firstly, anyone coping with a condition doesn’t need sympathy as this can further lower their self-esteem. For this reason, you should try to identify with what they are going through as closely as you can and help them journey through it accordingly. Consequently, the sufferer feels bad enough already so let them know that there is nothing wrong with them and that they are not alone.

Take Them Seriously

People are always prone to quick judgment and opinion. If you feel that a person’s behavior is permanently reactionary and odd, don’t deject or avoid them. Instead, try to figure out what is going on with them. For all you know it is something that has to do with a physical memory or trauma that they are unable to talk about? In a gentle way, tell them it’s okay to feel the way they feel and be there for them.

Talk Less, Listen More

On the whole, it’s a good thing to have an opinion about things but the timing and situation must be in accordance. In this case, a listening ear goes a long way and one feels that they are heard and understood. Admittedly, doing that can be very encouraging for people experiencing anxiety and that can help them face themselves in a better way.

Be Patient

The key comes to the aid of someone in any way is to have patience. We all human beings are mortals and have a certain bandwidth to come with situations and issues of our own, as well as the people we care about. To put in a nutshell, there is a certain level of restlessness that you might come across whilst coping with anxiety and avoidance behaviour. Eventually, give them some time to get strong enough to talk about their issues and any traumatic experience that has led to the anxious behavioural pattern.


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