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Here’s how Game of Thrones Male Celebs Looks with New Female Snapchat Filter

Disclaimer: All the Characters in Game of Thrones are my Favorite. I'm Only Writing this Article for Fun Purpose.I am a big fan of Game Of...
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9 Places Must Visit Before You Die

1. Florence, ItalyFlorence, ItalyFlorence is the capital city of Italy. It is one of the most Populated and Popular city in...
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Top 6 Sensational Instagram Accounts According to Latest search May 2019

6. Beyonce(127 million Followers on insta)Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and dancer. Born...
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Top 5 2019 Best Apps for Quitting Smoking

Around 2 billion adults currently smoke cigarettes, Smoking remains the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the World. Smoking cigarettes are one of the best ways...
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Beware!! Things that can reduce your reward of fasting

1. Bad/Vulgar Languagewe all are used speak bad & vulgar words in our normal life. It doesn't break your fast but it...

Sham Idrees Finally Responded to Ducky Bhai

Before I start to talk about the recently respond of sham idrees. I really want to let you know the beginning of this recent YouTube controversy. Sham Idrees recently came to Pakistan...
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Top 5 Most iconic Desi food Points in Lahore

1. Arif Chatkhara House Food Street Texali GateArif chatkhara is one of the most famous Desi food place in Lahore. Special Item...

Bring a change in your life by making every moment count

Stop counting the days; rather start to count the moments of your life. To make a significant change in your life, make every moment of your life counts.

4 Simplest ways to Deal with Anxiety

As this technologically advanced century indulge human race, depression and anxiety have become mainstream topics of discussion around the world. A lot has been said in order to deal with anxiety and how it impacts...

Conquest of Happiness

Over the millennium human being's mind has discovered certain activities that can be helpful to boost our mind. The challenge is that most of the people do not get to understand what it...

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